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Blue Spruce Decaf Reviews


Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co is an exciting player in the current decaf scene. Since their founding in 2017, they’ve focused on carefully sourced, shade-grown coffees. All of their offerings are 100% Swiss Water Processed. Chad Polski, the roaster’s founder, has expressed a familiar sentiment as to why he started the company. As with many of us, he learned that not all decaf is of equal merit, and he wanted to make the best decaf possible. 

I recently cupped the three roasts that Blue Spruce currently offers: their Medium Organic Decaf, Dark Organic Decaf, and Organic Decaf Espresso roasts. I’m pleased to report that all three are great options for the discerning decaf drinker. Your favorite will probably come down to your personal roast preferences.

Dive in with me while I take a look at Blue Spruce’s coffee!

Roaster: Blue Spruce
Roast: Medium
Origin: Mexico
Decaffeination Method: Swiss Water Process
Taste: Green Apple, Curant, Cream

Blue Spruce’s Medium Organic Decaf is an all-around workhorse roast. It offers plenty of bright acidity, with luxurious base notes of cream. This is a real goldilocks coffee: not too light, yet not too dark. It works equally well as a breakfast coffee or an evening cup. It also has a distinctively full mouthfeel, which plays very well off the cream notes. It’s a fairly acid forward coffee, though it never tips over into light roast territory. 

I kept thinking of apple cider while sampling this coffee. It’s bright, crisp and juicy, while also having just enough funk to add complexity. If you’re looking for just one coffee to try from Blue Spruce, this is the one I recommend the strongest. It’s hard to see anybody going wrong with this one!

Dark Organic Decaf

Roaster: Blue Spruce
Roast: Dark
Origin: Hondurus Decaffeination Method: Swiss Water Process
Taste: Bakers Chocolate, Orange Peel, Pecan

Dark Organic Decaf is a great option for fans of darker coffees. It has a major depth of flavor, covering dark chocolate and rich nutty notes. It also has a complex twist of bitter citrus, bringing to mind orange peel. Its aroma will open your sinuses with its warm, peppery aroma. All of these notes help balance the intense flavors of a dark roast. 

As with many great dark roasts, this coffee is perfectly suiting for sipping in the evening, or anytime in cold weather.

Roaster: Blue Spruce
Roast: Espresso
Origin: Mexico / Hondurus Decaffeination Method: Swiss Water Process
Taste: Dark Chocolate, Chili Pepper, Malt

Blue Spruce’s espresso roast packs a serious punch with its warmly spiced flavors. Think chili peppers (but without the heat) mingling with dark chocolate. There’s a nutty, malted flavor at play too. These big flavors make this perfect for an at home latte. If you like to drink your espresso straight up, you’ll have plenty to love here too with its complex taste.

My first thought when I tried this? Its flavor profile would match incredibly well with Mexican hot chocolate for a spiced mocha. In fact, I’m going to go pull a shot right now to make one!

Note: Our opinions are our own, and we evaluate all products on their own merits. If you click links in this article to order products, we may earn a commission. 

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