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The Daydreamer Decaf Cold Brew Concentrate (1:4)


Elevate your day with Explorer Cold Brew’s convenient cold brew concentrates. Explorer is the only coffee concentrate available in both decaf and half caffeine levels so you can make the coffee that suits your needs. Crafted by 3-award winning Tastemakers, Explorer’s cold brew concentrates are all made from organic, fair-trade and specialty grade coffee beans. And it’s super concentrated – 10x stronger than a regular coffee – so you can make it anyway you want.

Their flagship bottle is 32oz of delicious cold brewed and super concentrated coffee. As a 1:4 concentrate, that makes 20 big 8oz glasses of cold brew.

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Say hello to a first-of-its-kind Decaf Cold Brew! Crafted by 3 award-winning coffee Tastemakers, Explorer Cold Brew’s No Caf cold brew concentrate is made from 100% organic, fair-trade, and specialty-grade coffee beans.

The Daydreamer is 32oz of chemical-free Swiss Water Processed* decaf (99.9% caffeine free). By using this natural decaffeination process, we sacrifice nothing on flavor. No bitterness at all – just a smooth and bold flavor. As a 1:4 concentrate, that makes 20 big 8oz glasses of decaf cold brew with all the flavor and no jitters.

Water, Organic Coffee, Organic Chicory.

Tasting Notes:

Earthy, low Acid, full-bodied with notes of Toblerone and a sweet chicory finish.

How to use:

Pour 1-2oz of Explorer into a glass
Add 6-8oz of cold or hot water or milk
Stir and enjoy!

*SWISS WATER ® AND SWISS WATER ® Logo are trademarks of Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Inc. used under license. Explorer uses the Swiss Water ® Method of decaffeination for both The Seeker and The Daydreamer cold brew concentrates.

Additional information

Weight 55 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in

Explorer Cold Brew


32 oz bottle



Country of Origin

Ethiopia, Peru

Decaffeination Process

Swiss Water® Process


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