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Blue Spruce Decaf

As you can imagine, there’s nothing that gets us more excited than an all-decaf coffee roaster. In the past we’ve profiled some great roasters like Talking Crow, Savorista, and Decadent Decaf. Today we’re shining a light on another favorite: Blue Spruce Decaf.

Blue Spruce is a craft roaster focused on carefully sourced, organic decaf coffee. They exclusively use the Swiss Water Process for chemical-free decaf. Chad Polski, the roaster’s founder, expresses a familiar sentiment on why he started the company. As with many of us, he learned that not all decaf is of equal merit, and he wanted to make the best decaf possible.

Single-Origin Decaf Coffee

What really sets Blue Spruce apart is their commitment to single-origin coffees. Although many of our favorite roasters offer great decaf single-origins, they’re certainly not as prevalent as their caffeinated cousins. Moreover, decaf often favors specific regions. The extra logistics (and the increased cost) of transporting beans to be decaffeinated means that certain coffee areas are less represented in decaf form. This is why, for example, Colombian coffee tends to be very prevalent in the decaf world. Not a bad thing at all, but it’s great to see a roaster offering a wider variety of origins.

Blue Spruce currently features three fine-tuned roasts, and two of them hail from Thailand. Their Organic Decaf Espresso and Thai Organic Decaf both come from the Chiang Mai region. These are, as far as I know, the first Thai beans I’ve drank as a decaf. The Thai Organic makes for a complex, lightly spicy cup that will open your palette. Their third offering, the Mexican Organic Decaf, comes from the famous coffee fields of Chiapas, Mexico. This roast is a wonderful, low-acid medium roast. 

Sticking to just three roasts allows Blue Spruce to maintain a high level of quality control. All of their beans are shade grown in volcanic soil, and they’re all completely organic. Want to try everything they have? Grab their Decaf Coffee Fanatic Bundle and give each roast a spin. Watch out though, every writer for DecafLife will respond to the name Decaf Coffee Fanatic if say it loud enough.

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