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Blue Spruce Decaf

Blue Spruce Decaf

Blue Spruce Decaf: A Unique All-Decaf Coffee Roaster As you can imagine, there’s nothing that gets us more excited than an all-decaf coffee roaster. In the past we’ve profiled some great roasters like Talking Crow, Savorista, and Decadent Decaf. Today we’re shining a light on…
Cometeer Frozen Decaf Coffee Pods

Cometeer Frozen Decaf Coffee Pods

The Story of Frozen Decaf Coffee Pods “The future is frozen.” So goes one of the headlines on Comeeter’s website. Comeeter is one of the most interesting coffee companies on the scene right now. We’ve profiled many roasters pushing decaf forward, and we’ve taken a…
Decadent Decaf Company Profile

Decadent Decaf

Decadent Decaf, a UK-based decaf roaster, has been at the forefront of the modern decaf movement ever since they started in 2015. At that point, a specialty roaster focusing entirely on decaf was pretty much unheard of. Today, several other excellent roasters have followed in…
Explorer Cold Brew Organic Liquid Coffee Concentrate, Daydreamer Decaf

Explorer Cold Brew

It's not every day that we get to profile somebody who has climbed Mt. Everest, but Explorer Cold Brew isn’t the average coffee company. For founder Carson Cane, explorer really is the name of the game.  Cane was the first openly queer person to summit…


Kait Brown, the founder of Savorista Coffee, found herself in a tough position before founding her company. At the time, Kait was working a high-pressure consulting job. Like so many have in positions like this, Kait drank coffee around the clock to keep herself going.…
Swift Decaf

Swift Coffee

Over here at DecafLife, we feel a strong connection to another style of coffee that once was greeted with boos by coffee heads: instant coffee. Just as decaf has bloomed in the 21st century, so too has instant coffee emerged from its chrysalis. One of…
Talking Crow Company Profile

Talking Crow Coffee Roasters

“Coffee is for everyone - caffeine isn’t.”  This is the operating motto of Talking Crow Coffee Roasters, and it might as well be written on the walls here at DecafLife HQ. Talking Crow is at the forefront of a modern decaf boom that sees roasters…

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