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Are You Drinking Chemical Decaf?

Here at DecafLife, we’re big fans of decaf without chemicals, and we’ve highlighted the health benefits of chemical-free decaf. But how can you tell if the decaf you’re drinking is all natural? Fortunately, the Clean Label Project has done all the hard work for you.…
Pop Art Illustration of overhead view of colorful cups of coffee, a call for decaf roasters

Call for Decaf Roasters

Join our Decaf Marketplace, launching soon! Calling all roasters! We're excited to be launching an online marketplace for the best decaf coffees the world has to offers. Would you like your delicious decaf coffee to be a part of it? Sign up below!
Pop art depiction of coffee and a plant

Health Benefits of Decaf

One of the biggest reasons many of us drink decaf coffee is its positive health effects. This feels especially true today, as we’re more focused than ever on the health benefits of what we drink. Just think of the rise of reishi tea, adaptogens, or…
Aerial image of decaf coffee mugs pop art

History of Decaf

The Weird, Wild History of Decaffeination The history of decaf coffee is long and colorful. It ranges from a man’s lifelong vendetta against caffeine, to a 70 year quest to refine a chemical-free decaffeination process. Oh, and Nazis make an appearance.  It's safe to say…
Pop art image of a woman drinking a cup of decaf coffee

Is Decaf Coffee Good for Diabetics?

Coffee has a complicated relationship with Type-2 Diabetes. On the one hand, studies and articles point to coffee’s positive effects on diabetes. On the other, studies have also found that coffee can decrease insulin sensitivity.  So which idea is right? Will coffee reduce your risk…

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