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Philly Fair Trade

Roaster: Philly Fair Trade
Roast: Medium-Light
Origin: Chiapas, Mexico (Single)
Decaffeination Method: Swiss Water Process
Taste: Milk chocolate, cherry, caramel

The Roaster

Philly Fair Trade Roasters was founded in 2010 by Joe Cesa. Their commitment to fair trade is present throughout the entire company. According to the roaster, they pay employees higher-than-average wages and are committed to supporting local businesses. Philly Fair Trade also states that they support environmentally-conscious farmers, and they pay their farmers above-average rates for their crop.

These are the kind of things we love to see from a roaster! The only question we have is how does their decaf stack up?

Philly Fair Trade Decaf Coffee

The Roast

Philly Fair Trade Roasters offers a whopping three decaf options as of 2023. I sampled their Decaf Mexico roast for this review in the form of a pour over. Decaf Mexico is grown in the famous Chiapas region, an area that produces 60% of Mexico’s coffee crops. Chiapas has a mountainous terrain that can make farming difficult, but it also features an ideal climate for coffee farming. Decaf single-origins can be few and far between, so it’s always nice to come across one.

The coffee is decaffeinated via the Swiss Water Process, and the roast is medium-light. The beans I purchased were roasted within two weeks of when I bought them, always a great signafier of a quality roaster.

The aroma immediately grabbed me with its peppery notes. It had an herbaceous, grassy scent to it, with a strong, well-rounded citrus presence as well. In a word, this coffee smelled fresh and bright.

Tasting Notes

I prepared the coffee as I usually do, in a pour over using an OXO Brew Gooseneck set to 201°. The mouthfeel of Decaf Mexico made for an easily quaffed cup. It was quite light, and sat on the palette pleasantly. Flavor-wise, it immediately brought in milk chocolate and cherry notes. It presented as fairly sweet, though the sweet notes were never overpowering. A deep, caramel flavor came to the front of the aftertaste. 

The acidity was quite low, and melded excellently with the sweet nature of the coffee. Overall, Decaf Mexico was a deeply drinkable coffee. Drinking it felt like sipping coffee during a long morning on the porch. This is a well-rounded coffee that has a little something for everybody. It brings the bright juiciness of a great light roast, but it has enough background depth to allow the taste to grow.

As someone who usually drinks coffee with cream when I’m not on reviewing duties, I didn’t even try the coffee with a splash of half ‘n half after my initial tastings. I just drank it as-is and loved it. This coffee is just that smooth!

Final Thoughts

Decaf Mexico is an exemplary decaf roast, and it puts Philly Fair Trade Roasters on the map for me in a big way. Although your humble writer also hails from the City of Brotherly Love, I promise you that hometown pride isn’t clouding my judgment here. This is the real deal: a pleasant, smooth coffee that balances its brightness with a deep caramel background. I’ll certainly be back to try out Philly Fair Trade Roaster’s other decaf options!

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