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Woman drinking decaf coffee pop art

Humans of Decaf: Angela

Angela Location: Los Angeles Why do you drink decaf coffee?  Over the past 10 years, I’ve had a gradual conversion from drinking several cups of black coffee a day to now mostly drinking decaf or half-caf coffee. I started limiting my caffeine intake when I…
Image of coffee plant in the pop art style

Humans of Decaf: Mariselle

Mariselle Instagram: DripSipDecaf We’re always on the lookout for fellow decaf evangelists, so we were excited when we came across DripSipDecaf, the instagram account of Mariselle Moscoso. On DripSipDecaf, Meriselle shines a spotlight on their favorite decafs through intimate, approachable reels and videos. We reached…
Pop art illustration od Decaf coffee cup on a bed

Where Decaf Gets an Equal Opportunity

I really dread hotel decaf. Hotel coffee is generally pretty bad. At best, there’s a fake Starbucks in the lobby, or some terrible drip decaf if your room comes with breakfast. Hotel stays are when carrying my own instant coffee (like Swift Coffee) really comes …
Pop Art People Drinking Decaf Coffee

Why Don’t You Serve Decaf?

I order decaf everywhere I go. Sure the barista might be wearing a Death Before Decaf hat, but guess what? I’m risking death and asking anyway. Lately I’ve run into a number of establishments that simply don’t serve decaf. On a recent hot day, I…

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