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Backyard Beans Decaf

Roaster: Backyard Beans
Roast: Medium
Origin: Honduras (Blend)
Decaffeination Method: Mountain Water Process
Taste: Caramel, blueberry, cocoa

The Roaster

Founded by the husband-and-wife team of Matthew and Laura Adams, Backyard Beans Coffee Company has been roasting coffee in the Philadelphia suburb of Lansdale since 2013. True to their name, Backyard Beans truly began in a backyard. Matthew and Laura started roasting beans on a Weber grill that they retrofitted with a rotisserie drum. Their goal was simply to roast some beans to sell at their local farmers market. Today, they’ve moved out of the backyard and into a 13,000 square foot warehouse.

Many of Backyard Beans’ first customers were Matthew and Laura’s neighbors at the farmers market. They focused on roasting coffee that would still taste great when brewed in a cheap coffee maker at home. I really appreciate this approach to accessibility. Not everyone has an Aeropress, a Chemex, and a masters degree in Coffee Appreciation after all. Today, they offer a range of beans that also include roasts aimed more directly at coffee connoisseurs. 

But amidst this range of beans, how does Backyard Bean’s Decaf blend rank? Fortunately, your DecafLife correspondent is on the scene to find out.

Backyard Beans Decaf

The Roast

Backyard Beans offers a single decaf blend, aptly titled Decaf. The organic beans are decaffeinated in Mexico via the Mountain Water Process, a method that is similar to the Swiss Water Process. Just like its Swiss cousin, the Mountain Water Process uses only water and filters to decaffeinate the beans, with no chemicals added.

The Decaf is a mixed-blend medium roast sourced from Honduras. Besides the country of origin, Backyard doesn’t supply much information about the beans. The coffee I purchased was roasted about a month-and-a-half prior to the sale.

After whizzing the beans in my trusted OXO Conical Burr, their aroma wafted out. It offered background notes of cinnamon, which lent the beans a great, nostril-opening scent. Foregrounded against the cinnamon was oak, supplemented by sweet cherry. All around it was the kind of aroma that makes me lean forward and get excited for the coffee.

Tasting Notes

The coffee’s mouthfeel was light-bodied. I immediately felt it had a straight-ahead, classic feel to it. It was approachable and unobtrusive. Light caramel notes were present on my first sip, coupled with a distinct cream characteristic. Floral and juicy blueberry notes followed. Just as with the mouthfeel, these flavors all made for an approachable, mellow brew.

Though pleasantly sweet, the roast also came on as fairly assertively acidic. Although I found this occasionally obtrusive, it mostly worked as foil to the coffee’s sweetness and creamy notes. Overall, this felt akin to a breakfast blend, perfect for a decaf drinker looking for an easygoing cup in the morning.

Final Thoughts

Backyard Beans Decaf blend is a great decaf option for anybody looking for an classic, approachable cup of coffee. Its distinctly bright aroma is especially noteworthy. This is Backyard Bean’s only decaf offering as of now, though I’d love to see them tackle another option. They’re off to a great start here!

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