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Explorer Cold Brew

It’s not every day that we get to profile somebody who has climbed Mt. Everest, but Explorer Cold Brew isn’t the average coffee company. For founder Carson Cane, explorer really is the name of the game. 

Cane was the first openly queer person to summit Everest. He has also attained the prestigious mountaineering achievement of climbing the highest mountains on each continent (known as the Seven Summits.) He did all of this while raising money for LGBTQ suicide prevention. It’s a pretty amazing CV all around.

So what do you do after climbing the highest mountains on earth? You climb Mt. Cold Brew, naturally. 

Today, Cane heads up Explorer Cold Brew, a company that focuses on delicious cold brew concentrates. He credits his global adventures with introducing him to the best coffee the world has to offer. 

As decaf drinkers, we love that Explorer offers a full range of caffeine levels. The Daydreamer is a super smooth, Swiss Water decaffeinated concentrate. They also offer a half-caf option called The Seeker. And Explorer has caffeine drinkers covered with regular strength and extra caffeinated options too. 

Cane drinks caffeinated coffee as well as decaf, but he understands the decaf lifestyle. While working a high-pressure consulting job for Bain Capital, he began to experience insomnia from the cold brew he was drinking. Because decaf cold brew is a rarity, he took it upon himself to develop a fantastic decaf option. That work paid off, because their decaf concentrate is now their best seller. It’s always great to see proof of decaf’s popularity in the marketplace!

Today, Explorer’s global approach is born out by a team of coffee tastemakers based in South Africa, Lebanon, and Indonesia. The company also offers chai concentrates, and wellness elixirs made with ingredients like lion’s mane, valerian root, and melatonin. Just as with their caffeine levels, Explorer really offers options for everybody. 

Their products are in 300 shops, with many more on the horizon. We highly recommend their decaf concentrate, and they also offer a variety of bundles to let you try out their wide range of products. Give them a try today, and enjoy the bliss of jitter-free cold brew!  

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