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Kait Brown, the founder of Savorista Coffee, found herself in a tough position before founding her company. At the time, Kait was working a high-pressure consulting job. Like so many have in positions like this, Kait drank coffee around the clock to keep herself going. Sound familiar to any of us?

Kait realized that her caffeine intake was leading to anxiety and insomnia, and was all around making her tough situation worse. When she gave up caffeine, she started on a path towards founding a roaster on the cutting edge of today’s decaf-focused wave.

Savorista Decaf

Kait and Daniel – her husband and partner at Savorista – took a lengthy coffee tasting tour through Colombia, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Along the way, they honed their understanding of decaffeination, and even got engaged in Ethiopia. The connections they made along this journey continue to fuel Savorista to this day. 

Today, Kait and Daniel are known for their delicious decaf and half-caf roasts. They are dedicated to small batch roasting, and to sourcing beans from farmer-focused suppliers. Like many of the best decaf roasters, they’re fully committed to all-natural decaffeination methods. Savorista uses the Swiss Water Process and the ethyl-acetate process for all of their decaf beans.

I’m a big fan of their Brazilian Moment Decaf, a roast with strong chocolate undertones. I’ve had trouble finding light-roast decaf in the past, and Savorista offers a delicious light roast with their Kenyan Sunset Decaf. If you like fruit-forward coffees with undertones of brown sugar and citrus, this is the one for you.

Check them out for yourselves today!

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