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Decadent Decaf, a UK-based decaf roaster, has been at the forefront of the modern decaf movement ever since they started in 2015. At that point, a specialty roaster focusing entirely on decaf was pretty much unheard of. Today, several other excellent roasters have followed in their footsteps. Decadent Decaf blazed the trail on many of the core principles of decaf roasting: they exclusively use the Swiss Water Process, painstakingly source their beans, and prioritize freshness.

Decadent Decaf focuses on a consistent crop of six or seven high-quality roasts. In a profile for the Swiss Water Process website, Decadent explains that their loyal repeat customer base generally looks for consistency. Furthermore, this small group of roasts means that coffee is constantly moving off the shelves, rather than growing stale.

Decadent Decaf Coffees

Decadent Decaf also runs a blog that contains a wealth of information on decaffeination, the effects of caffeine, and coffee culture in general. Check out their blog for answers to questions like “is caffeine addictive?”, “is decaf a diuretic?” and much more. 

Decadent Decaf’s flagship Signature Espresso blend remains one of my favorites of their offerings. It thoughtfully combines beans from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and Rwanda for a smooth decaf that always comes with a near-velvety mouthfeel. It’s no surprise it’s won Great Taste Awards twice!

These aren’t the only awards that Decadent has picked up over the years. They remain one of the most visible decaf brands out there, and they’ve received press from outlets ranging from The Guardian to Caffeine Magazine, the latter of whom used Decadent as an exemplar of how the decaf industry can develop. We certainly agree.

Check out Decadent Decaf today! In addition to their individual offerings, they offer a sampler pack that includes all of their current offerings.

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