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Peet’s Decaf Coffee: 3 Great Options

We love getting local, small batch coffee. We also love third-wave roasters that have grown into powerhouses. But sometimes you can’t get beans from a tiny local operation. Sometimes you can’t even find Intelligentsia or Blue Bottle. In that case, you’re usually left with a few decaf options from the major coffee chains.

When it comes to chain coffee, we’re regularly impressed by the beans from Peet’s Coffee. Their coffee can rival much more expensive options, especially if you’re buying whole-bean and brewing at home. They’re available all throughout the nation, with almost the same ubiquity as Dunkin’ or Starbucks. 

So, next time you’re facing down a grocery store aisle filled with only corporate coffee, here’s our top picks for Peet’s decaf coffee.

Peet’s Decaf Coffee at a Glance

One of the main reasons we like Peet’s is their variety of decaf coffees. Currently, Peet’s has six decaf options listed on their website. In comparison, Starbucks offers four and Dunkin only offers one. 

Peet’s decaf offerings are all water-processed. Again, this puts them ahead of their competition, many of whom still use chemically-processed decaf. They also offer seasonal decafs, such as a decaf take on their winter Holiday Roast. They even have a monthly decaf-only subscription service that will ship you a different decaf roast each month. 

All in all, it’s safe to say that Peet’s is at the top of the heap when it comes to decaf. It’s nice to see a large company recognizing how big the decaf coffee market is. Now let’s get into some of their options!

Roaster: Pete's
Roast: Dark
Origin: Java and Ethiopia (blend)
Decaffeination Method: Water Process
Taste: Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Warm Spices

This is consistently one of our favorite offerings from Peet’s. It’s a nicely balanced dark roast that offers a delicious milk chocolate base. There’s plenty of complexity in here too; think warm spices like clove or cinnamon. This is a cup we’d happily drink year round, but its warmth is especially suited to winter sipping. Picture drinking this like hot chocolate, in the evening next to a roaring fire. Good thing it’s decaf, so drinking it in the evening isn’t a problem!

Roaster: Peet's
Roast: Dark Roast
Origin: Blend
Decaffeination Method: Water Process
Taste: Raisin, Dark Chocolate, Almond

Major Dickason’s is Peet’s flagship roast, and it’s most likely what you’ve drank at a Peet’s coffee shop location. The decaf itineration sacrifices none of the flavor of its caffeinated cousin. It’s a dark roast, with warm nutty flavors. There’s plenty of complexity here too, offering dark-sweet notes of raisin. Overall, this is a great workhouse coffee, equally at home in the morning or afternoon.

Decaf French Roast

Roaster: Peet's
Roast: Extra-dark
Origin: Blend
Decaffeination Method: Water Process
Taste: Dark Caramel, Smoke, Turbinado Sugar

Yes, another dark roast (hey, we’re dealing with a second-wave roaster, it’s dark roasts all the way down.) This coffee avoids the pitfalls that many French Roasts fall into, which is to say it tastes pleasantly burnt. If you like extra-dark roasts, this is a fantastic option. It has notes of raw brown sugar and rich caramel, with some great smoky undertones.

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