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Humans of Decaf: Mariselle

Photograph of Mariselle Moscoso drinking coffee


Instagram: DripSipDecaf

We’re always on the lookout for fellow decaf evangelists, so we were excited when we came across DripSipDecaf, the instagram account of Mariselle Moscoso. On DripSipDecaf, Meriselle shines a spotlight on their favorite decafs through intimate, approachable reels and videos. We reached out to learn a little bit more about their approach to decaf, why they started the account, and what life is like for a Human of Decaf.

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How did your decaf journey begin? Why do you continue to drink decaf?

My decaf journey started with realizing that caffeine had a big impact on my anxiety and ability to have restful sleep. I started to explore requesting decaf at coffee shops and found that it didn’t affect the overall flavor, but did positively impact my experience. I continue to drink decaf because it’s delicious, flavorful, and an evolving niche within the coffee world. 

What’s your favorite decaf coffee? (Feel free to include a few if you’d like!)

My fav so far is Bevel coffee!

Bevel coffee (roasted in Monrovia, CA)offers a Colombian origin, medium roast. Its round-yet-exuberant flavor profile is pretty remarkable. They small batch each roast in their home kitchen and host pop-ups at a pizza place in Altadena, CA. It’s also Latino owned and operated, and as a queer Filipinx it’s important to me to support BIPOC businesses.

How do people react when you tell them you like decaf?

Folks are surprisingly open these days! I think the collective overwhelm and burnout folks are feeling encourages them to explore different modalities of coffee, especially because caffeine can adversely affect your anxiety and sleep. Recently, this overall interest among consumers and roasters is growing and that’s so exciting. 

What inspired you to start DripSipDecaf?

I was inspired to start this account because I love sharing my hype for decaf! I routinely purchase decaf whole beans and I find joy in documenting my experience at my home kitchen using my pour over. It’s a humble operation – a Chemex decanter, a Fellow electric kettle, and a Timemore handheld burr grinder – but I think the storytelling and engagement is what draws folks in. 

What do you do when you aren’t sipping and reviewing decaf?

When I’m not drinking decaf I’m reaping its benefits by being more regulated and getting some good sleep in. I also enjoy grabbing a coffee and taking long walks around the neighborhood, or hikes with my partner Natalia and our pup Autumn. Having good conversations with a delicious meal and a bottle of wine is also a treat I’ve learned to enjoy with friends. It’s the simple things that bring me joy.

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