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Image of coffee plant in the pop art style

Humans of Decaf: Mariselle

Mariselle Instagram: DripSipDecaf We’re always on the lookout for fellow decaf evangelists, so we were excited when we came across DripSipDecaf, the instagram account of Mariselle Moscoso. On DripSipDecaf, Meriselle shines a spotlight on their favorite decafs through intimate, approachable reels and videos. We reached out to learn a little bit more about their approach…

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Woman drinking decaf coffee pop art

Humans of Decaf: Angela

Angela Location: Los Angeles Why do you drink decaf coffee?  Over the past 10 years, I’ve had a gradual conversion from drinking several cups of black coffee a day to now mostly drinking decaf or half-caf coffee. I started limiting my caffeine intake when I was diagnosed with severe acid reflux. Although my caffeine intake…

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Pop art illustration od Decaf coffee cup on a bed

Where Decaf Gets an Equal Opportunity

I really dread hotel decaf. Hotel coffee is generally pretty bad. At best, there’s a fake Starbucks in the lobby, or some terrible drip decaf if your room comes with breakfast. Hotel stays are when carrying my own instant coffee (like Swift Coffee) really comes  in clutch. During a recent stay at a Hyatt, my…

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Pop Art People Drinking Decaf Coffee

Why Don’t You Serve Decaf?

I order decaf everywhere I go. Sure the barista might be wearing a Death Before Decaf hat, but guess what? I’m risking death and asking anyway. Lately I’ve run into a number of establishments that simply don’t serve decaf. On a recent hot day, I had a business meeting at the Georgian Hotel in Santa…

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